About Us

It all started in 2019...

Two Rivers officially opened its doors in March of 2019... Dr. Jackson moved back from the twin cities and opened up shop.

One year later Dr. Natalie was convinced to join him. With Dr. Jackson carving out a niche as a specialist in migraines, Dr. Natalie found her passion working with moms and kiddos...

What makes us different?


We're trained in a variety of chiropractic techniques, with the majority of them focusing on the nervous system specifically. When addressing the nervous system, sometimes less is more! We work with new born babies through patients in their 80s, and our approach is what allows us to serve them. In 2020, we came across zone technique. Since getting advanced certified, the results we're able to achieve with our patients has multiplied.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Jackson-

Originally grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. He was fortunate enough to work with the sports performance as well as the cardiac rehab teams on campus. He developed a passion for understanding how the body handles and adapts to its environment. He finished his undergraduate degree with an internship with the University of Minnesota’s strength and conditioning team. He met some great mentors at La Crosse as well as Minnesota. From there, he was introduced to the concept of the nervous system being a parameter of health that also needed to be trained. He put the pieces together and enrolled in the Chiropractic program at Northwestern Health Sciences University. While in school, he and his partner in crime Dr. Natalie would travel the Midwest learning and shadowing some of the top chiropractors in the field. He graduated in December of 2018 as a Doctor of Chiropractic and moved back to the Eau Claire area shortly after. In his spare time Dr. Jackson loves spending time with friends and family. He recently picked up golf,and may or may not be developing a music app!

Stay tuned

Dr. Natalie-

Is originally from Stillwater, MN where she grew up playing sports alongside her sister and her dog named Caribou (which she named because her mother was such a big coffee fan).

She continued to play soccer throughout college and eventually went into coaching. Dr. Natalie’s passion for working with children was initiated when she first started coaching soccer in her first year of college. Dr. Natalie received her undergraduate degree from Hamline University. Since she loved working with children so much, Dr. Natalie went on to get her teaching license for grades 5-12 science.

It wasn’t until she went through her own personal experience with an autoimmune arthritis, that she knew she needed to do something in healthcare. Through neurologically based chiropractic and dietary modifications, Dr. Natalie was able to get off medications and saw her quality of life drastically improve. Dr. Natalie personally experienced the influence that chiropractic has on the nervous system and how that translates into our health. Dr. Natalie graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2019 with her doctorate in chiropractic. In order to encompass both of Dr. Natalie’s passion of working with children and chiropractic, she has taken the time to do additional training in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care. Dr. Natalie has traveled all over to further expand her knowledge within these fields. She is currently listed as a webster certified provider and is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Dr. Natalie also has been certified through the focus program, one of the top programs for helping kids with neurodevelopmental disorders.

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Hours of Operation

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